Corporate Commercial Subcommittee

Hussein Hamdani, Co-Chair

Corporate Commercial Subcommittee

Colleen Yamashita, Co-Chair

Corporate Commercial Subcommittee

Corporate Commercial Subcommittee Mandate

The Hamilton Law Association's Corporate Commercial Subcommittee exists to advise on matters pertaining to Corporate Commercial Law that are relevant to The Hamilton Law Association Board or Committees, and Hamilton area Corporate Commercial lawyers.

  1. To provide a forum for discussion of topics of interest to members of the corporate and commercial bar.
  2. To organize and promote CPD topics of interest to the members of the corporate and commercial bar.
  3. To advocate on matters of interest to members of the corporate and commercial bar.
  4. To develop ways to interact with other practice areas of the local bar and related professionals.

2020-2021 Committee Members

Looking for an opinion or guidance on a corporate commercial matter? The following members of The Hamilton Law Association's Corporate Commercial Subcommittee are available by phone.

Michele Ballagh, Ballagh & Edward LLP
Hassan Chaudhary, Ross & McBride LLP 905-526-9800
Kelly Fawcett, Inch Hammond Professional Corporation 905-525-4481
Nicholas N. Fur 905-332-0303
Hussein A. Hamdani(Co-Chair) SimpsonWigle LAW LLP
John F. C. Hammond, Inch Hammond Professional Corporation
Daniel Lawlor, Weisz, Rocchi & Scholes 905-523-1842
Dana-Elisabeta Lezau, Legal Services Division, City of Hamilton 905-546-2424
John Loukidelis, Loukidelis Professional Corporation 289-799-9509
David Mifsud, George Street Law Group LLP 905-526-2101
Alex Ross, Gowling WLG 905-540-3243
Ryan Smith, Feltmate Delibato Heagle LLP
Colleen Yamashita (Co-Chair), Scarfone, Hawkins LLP 905-523-1333

To speak to an HLA staff person regarding the Corporate Commercial Subcommittee, please contact: Shega Berisha, tel: 905-522-1563, email:

Selected Corporate Commercial Library Resources

Please click on a topic below to view a list of selected resources available in the HLA Library.
For additional resources, please consult the online catalogue at

  • General Titles

    • Business Corporations in Canada: Legal and Practical Aspects by Paul Martel
      KF 1415 .ZA2 M23
    • Canada Corporation Manual by Warren Grover
      KF 1415 .ZA2 C362
    • Canadian Business Corporations Law, 2nd ed., by Kevin McGuinness
      KF 1415 .ZA2 M34 2007
    • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada
      This multi-volume set began publication in 2006 and while it is not yet complete, it is an excellent starting point for legal research. Some of the relevant volumes include: Business Corporations (2 v.), Patents, Trade Secrets, and Industrial Designs, and Personal Property and Secured Transactions.
    • Ontario Corporation Manual by Robert Kingston
      KF 1415 .ZB3 O57
  • Annotated Acts

    • Annotated Canada Business Corporations Act, 2nd ed., by Wayne Gray
      KF 1415 .ZA2 C36 Bc
    • Annotated Ontario Business Corporations Act by Stephen Adams
      KF 1415 .ZB3 A32
    • Annotated Ontario Personal Property Act by Richard McLaren
      KF 1050 O58 P
    • Annotated Ontario Securities Legislation by McCarthy Tetrault
      KF 1439 O58
    • The Practitioner’s Income Tax Act, edited by David Sherman
      KF 6499 .ZA2 P72
  • Precedents (Hardcopy and/or Electronic)

    • O’Brien’s Encyclopedia of Forms (available in hardcopy and online from library computer)
      Division I: Commercial and General
      Division II: Corporations
      Division III: Conveyancing and Mortgages
      Division IV: Leases
      Division V: Wills and Trusts
      Division VI: Ontario – Family Law
      Division VII: Labour Relations and Employment
      Division VIII: Ontario – Court Forms
      Division IX: Municipal Corporations
      Division X: Computers and Information Technology

      KF 170 O27
    • LexisNexis Quicklaw’s Forms (available on all of the library computers)
      Click on the red “Forms” button to access Williston and Rolls Court Forms and the Canadian Forms & Precedents collection, which includes commercial tenancies, corporations, debtor creditor, employment, land development, wills and trusts, and more
    • Carswell’s Form and Precedent Collection: Corporate Precedents by Gilles Thibault (available in hardcopy and CDROM loaded onto library computer)
      KF 1415 .ZA2 T45
    • Annotated Business Agreements by Gregory Harris (available in hardcopy only)
      KF 889 H37
    • Shareholders Agreements: an Annotated Guide, 2nd ed., by Aird & Berlis LLP (available in hardcopy and CDROM loaded onto library computer)
      KF 1448 D38 2009

Additional Links and Resources

  • Continuing Legal Education Materials

    The library has an excellent collection of CLE materials from seminars held by the LSUC, Middlesex Law Association, the County of Carleton Law Association and the HLA. The papers often discuss very specific and timely issues, and can include valuable precedents. The CLE materials are shelved in the stacks with the texts and looseleaf services according to their topics.
  • Specific Titles

    • Asset Based Lending in Canada by Alison Manzer
      KF 1428 M36 2008
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law of Canada, 4th ed., by Houlden and Morawetz
      KF 1536 .ZA2 H6
    • Bankruptcy in Canada, 4th ed., by John Honsberger
      KF 1536 .ZA2 D92 2009
    • Bennett on the PPSA (Ontario), 3rd ed., by Frank Bennett
      KF 1050 B46 2006
    • Canadian Commercial Reorganization: Preventing Bankruptcy by Richard McLaren
      KF 1544 M34
    • Canadian Franchise Guide edited by Frank Zaid
      KF 2023 C34
    • The Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide, 4th ed., by Harvey Haber
      KF 593 .C6 H32 2004
    • A Commercial Tenancy Handbook by Richard Olson
      KF 593 .C6 O47
    • Competition & Antitrust Law, 3rd ed., by Brian Facey
      KF 1650 .ZA2 R62 2006
    • Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law by Barry Sookman
      KF 390.5 .C6 S66
    • Cross-Border Litigation: Interjurisdictional Practice and Procedure by Kenneth MacDonald
      K 7615 M33 2009
    • Director & Officer Liability in Corporate Insolvency: a Comprehensive Guide to Rights and Obligations, 2nd ed., by Janis Sarra
      KF 1536 .ZA2 S277 2010
    • Directors’ Liability in Canada by Ronald Davis
      KF 1423 S535
    • Entertainment Law in Canada by Jacqueline King
      KF 4290 E583
    • Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs, 4th ed.
      KF 2994 F6
    • Fox on Canadian Law of Trade-Marks and Unfair Competition, 4th ed.
      KF 3180 F6
    • The Law of Banking and Payment in Canada by Bradley Crawford
      KF 974 C73 2008
    • The Law of Contract in Canada, 5th ed., by G.H.L. Fridman
      KF 801 F74 2006
    • The Law of Contracts, 5th ed., by S.M. Waddams
      KF 801 W34 2005
    • The Law of Guarantee, 2nd ed., by Kevin McGuinness
      KF 1045 M33 1996
    • Non-Share Capital Corporations by R. Jane Burke-Robertson
      KF 1388 B87
    • A Practical Guide to Canadian Partnership Law by Alison Manzer
      KF 1375 M36
    • Regulatory and Corporate Liability: From Due Diligence to Risk Management by Todd Archibald
      KF1386 .C7 A773
    • Sale and Supply of Goods, 2nd ed.,by Kevin McGuinness
      KF 913.1 M34 2010
    • Sale of a Business, 5th ed., by Jennifer Babe
      KF 1355 B32 2004
    • Shareholder Remedies in Canada by Dennis Peterson
      KF 1448 P47