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Amendment of LSO Articling Procedures for Hamilton To Be Approved as Requested

December 17, 2018

The Hamilton Law Association forwarded a request to The Law Society of Ontario earlier this year to amend their articling recruitment procedures, specifically those related to Hamilton. We have received notice that the LSO intends to amend the 2020-2021 articling procedures so that Hamilton is brought into alignment with the dates and times of all other firms in Ontario, outside of Toronto and Ottawa. This means that all Hamilton firms are permitted to make offers of employment to articling candidates on the same day, in this case three weeks earlier than in previous years, as other firms in the province.

Please read communication letter HERE.

In advanced of the articling recruitment calendar, please remember that any articling position available in Hamilton can be advertised on the Association’s website for free, specifically under our Articling in Hamilton tab. To submit an available articling posting, please email for more information and to advertise.

Young Lawyer Mentors Available

Are you currently a law student or articling student? Members of the Hamilton Law Association's New Lawyers' Subcommittee are available to speak with you regarding articling and working in Hamilton. 

For common questions regarding the program, please see our mandate and FAQ page here.

New Lawyers' Subcommittee Mentoring Contact: Augustine Krawchenko -

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Policy for Posting a Job Notice

  1. The use of this service is limited to paid-up Regular members of The Hamilton Law Association;
  2. Available positions for lawyers, articling students, paralegals, legal support staff, legal volunteer opportunities, and available office space can be posted;
  3. Those seeking a position as a lawyer, articling student, paralegal, legal support staff, legal volunteer, or seeking available office space can be posted;
  4. Postings are limited to jobs where the location of the primary place of work is within the municipal boundaries of The City of Hamilton;
  5. Job notices will be posted for a period of 90 days from the date of submission;
  6. Prospective applicants and employers may renew their posting or resubmit a new job submission form after the 90 day period, upon request only;
  7. To post a job notice, a Job Notice Submission Form must be completed and submitted to the designated HLA staff member tasked with website administration. HLA staff will not draft job notices on behalf of prospective advertisers.

To post a job notice, please submit a completed Job Notice Submission Form (below) to

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