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Jack Oleniuk - Seeking Paralegal Student Placement

  • January 23, 2024 8:55 AM
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    I am a fourth semester Paralegal student at Mohawk College and I am very interested in securing a placement where I can showcase my talents. Having gained a well-rounded knowledge of Canadian and Ontario Law I am very enthusiastically looking forward to taking this next step in my career as a paralegal. I have maintained an average of 89%, and proudly remain on the Dean’s Honours list. In addition to academic studies, I have excelled in my practical assignment’s regarding the application of case law as it applies to all areas within the paralegal scope of practice.

    The next step in the process is for me to acquire real world experience and to assist with related tasks within an operating firm. It is required that the job placement internship totals 140 hours with a local firm for the purpose of obtaining ‘on the job’ experience, to practice and hone the core competencies expected of me as a legal professional.

    I have learned to properly interview clients and witnesses by building a good rapport while maintaining a focused interview using the communications skills I have acquired through my education. It is my intention to always put forward my full effort and work resolutely to aid a client in any way possible to resolve their legal issues. I believe that it is a paralegal’s professional and personal duty to prioritize the clients’ needs and to pursue due diligence towards that end. I pride myself on being a fast learner and throughout my studies I have had success working both independently and as part of a team; I continually look for opportunities to learn from others. I wish to further enhance my skills so I can become a fully licensed paralegal able to provide Canadians with affordable and efficient access to justice.

    Any opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your legal team and continue my education as a Paralegal student is greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    For further information please contact or call (905) 906-8239

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