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Real Estate Subcommittee 

Li Cheng, Chair, Real Estate Subcommittee 

Real Estate Subcommittee Mandate

The Hamilton Law Association's Real Estate Subcommittee exists to advise on matters pertaining to Real Estate that are relevant to The Hamilton Law Association Board or Committees, and Hamilton area Real Estate lawyers.  Those interested in joining the committee are invited to contact the Chair.

Subcommittee Members

Looking for an opinion or guidance on a real estate matter?  The following members of The Hamilton Law Association Real Estate Subcommittee are available by phone.

Chair: Li Cheng (2017)                 
Vice- Chair:  Mark Giavedoni (2006)    
Paul Lawson                                          905-546-2424
Maria Durdan (2015)                                905-356-4511
David Elliot (2000)                                        905-527-6877
Brian Hurren (2014)                                    905-525-4481
Tom Lazier (2003)                                      905-667-6418
W Patric Mackesy (2005)                           905-525-2341
Gregory Mallia (2018)                                905-383-0500
Samantha Grilli (2018)                                905-526-4250
John Millar (2000)                                        905-528-1186
Catherine Roberts (2019)                          905-627-3500
Bruno Uggenti (2006)                                  905-318-7717

Monica Di Gregorio (2018)                         905-662-6001

Anders Knudsen                                          905-546-2424

To speak to an HLA staff person regarding the Real Estate Subcommittee, please contact the HLA at 905-522-1563, or by email:

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